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Founder William J. Brodsky helped modernize the options market and now wants to help investors realize the benefits of conservative investment strategies using options

Chicago, March 16, 2021– Options Solutions LLC, a specialized asset-management firm that was created to help high-net-worth investors add conservative options trading strategies to their portfolios, has formally commenced operations.

Options Solutions’ investment strategies have long been used by institutional investors, including hedge funds, major asset management firms, and other sophisticated investors to often enhance returns and temper investment risks.  Yet, these same strategies are less used by many others, including high-net-worth investors, for reasons ranging from a lack of awareness or investor education. Options Solutions has launched to fill this void.

William J. Brodsky, Options Solutions’ Founder and Chairman, inspired the firm’s creation. After serving as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Cboe Global Holdings, owner of one of the world’s leading options exchanges, Mr. Brodsky wanted an investment firm to actively manage his diversified portfolio and concentrated stock position with conservative options strategies.

He realized that a gap existed in the investment industry that could be filled by a firm such as Options Solutions that blends the benefits of long-term, passive investing with actively-managed strategies, such as selling covered calls on existing stock positions.

“We have created a high-touch, disciplined and engaged approach that seeks to create a compounding engine for client portfolios while mitigating market risk. We are pleased to bring this service to market at a time when many investors are struggling to address the very challenges that options were designed to address,” Mr. Brodsky said.

Options Solutions has assembled an accomplished team with significant experience developing and managing customized options strategies in real-time under-tested parameters.

Options Solutions is managed by Michael B. Brodsky, Chief Executive Officer, and Steven M. Sears, President, and Chief Operating Officer.

Michael Brodsky is an experienced entrepreneur and public-company executive. He has founded businesses, managed public investment portfolios for family offices, and served on numerous public company boards, often serving as chairman.

Mr. Sears was part of executive teams at leading exchanges that modernized the U.S. options market and introduced electronic trading. He has helped democratize options investment strategies that were historically the purview of sophisticated investors in his investment columns that have been, and remain, published in the world’s leading financial publications.

“Investor interest in using options to enhance returns and reshape risk is at historically high levels, and people want and need help. This interest is exacerbated by unusually low-interest rates, high stock prices, and meaningful global demand for strategies and products that can generate and enhance investment yields and temper risks,” Messrs. Michael Brodsky and Sears said.

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About Options Solutions Options Solutions ™ is a specialized, asset-management firm focused on helping investors generate additional income and enhance investment returns. Our experts strive to match appropriate solutions to each clients’ risk and return objectives.

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