Forbes: Some Smart Ways To Grow Your Retirement Nest Egg

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(Forbes: Larry Light)

A disturbing amount of people haven’t saved enough for retirement. That begs the question: How does one build the investment portfolio to see you until the end of your life? For answers, we turned to Steve Sears, president and COO at Options Solutions in Chicago.

Larry Light: What’s your take on the retirement crisis in America?

Steve Sears: The older one gets, the less time to recover from the march of time. The war in Ukraine, within that context, is thus arguably more nettlesome to investors who are retired or nearing retirement. As markets have weakened following Russia’s attack, millions of people, here and abroad, are forced to wonder what may happen to them if the war triggers a prolonged stock market decline or even checkmates the Federal Reserve’s plans to raise interest rates to offset inflation.

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