Generating Income From Equities and Reinvesting is Key to Long Term Performance

Options are used to generate additional income to reinvest

Strategies are customizable

We strive to use conservative option strategies that are designed to help our clients generate additional income and enhance investment returns.  Our clients can pre-determine prices at which they are willing to sell or buy stock, essentially getting the options market to pay them for something they were willing to do anyway.

Strategies are proven

Time-tested strategies, and experienced strategists, can help investors navigate any market environment. Our clients are positioned to benefit from the breadth and depth of our teams’ cumulative expertise and judgment.

Strategies can deliver incremental income

We have developed a strategic and proprietary methodology and approach. Options Solutions systematically deploys covered-call options and other investment strategies to compound income earned from stocks to enhance overall portfolio returns.  

Experience is key

Powerful solutions for volatile times

Declining Interest Rates That Fueled Stock Performance Have Ended

Options can be used to improve portfolio performance, especially in down and flat markets. We strive to help our clients harvest options premiums and enhance investment returns.

Most of our team has helped create and evolve the modern options market. At critical times, many of us have played key roles that helped to catalyze the development and evolution of one of the world’s most important financial markets.

Our team has decades of combined experience crafting innovative investment solutions. These innovative ideas turned into solutions that add value to our clients.  Our team members have touched nearly every aspect of the options market, including:

  • Introducing electronic trading. 
  • Dramatically improving prices and market quality. 
  • Introducing innovations and enhancements that benefit investors.

Our Team

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